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Careers at Kronos

Kronos management combines consulting, risk assessment and web marketing to help our clients solve complex problems or optimize their processes and results. ​

Together with our management consultants, our clients solve strategic, business and management issues so that projects can be brought to fruition while being cost-effective. Our approach is based on communication and understanding, so that our clients can adopt new and innovative ways of working while remaining authentic.

Through our experience, we help our clients create profitable projects that will meet the criteria of the banks and investors who provide the financing, allowing your vision to move forward.

Working at Kronos Management means joining a wide-reaching company with a background in consulting, business start-ups and marketing. Our mission is to forge committed partnerships - ensuring that, together with our clients, we can provide seamless, results-oriented consulting solutions.

Be part of the Kronos Management team!

Even when there are no positions posted here, we are always open to applications from exceptional candidats who are passionate about their field. If you eat business development or have a head full of marketing ideas, don't hesitate to reach out!